Hindals at Sahuara Baptist Church, Tucson, Arizona

Hindals at Victory Baptist Church, Casa Grande, Arizona

Youth Population of India Is Largest in World

Ghana Ministry Sends Thanks for 77 VBS Kits

Shed Offered for Worship House in India

Thank You from Myanmar

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  • Donations Help Relieve Famine in Uganda

    Donations Help Relieve Famine in Uganda

    The Eastern Uganda Baptist Association recently requested financial assistance to relieve Uganda communities from famine. “The situation is alarming, as animals and humans are dying due to the looming hunger,” said Joshua Masaba, president of the Uganda association. Individuals and churches responded by donating to the emergency relief fund of Regular Baptist International, allowing the Eastern Uganda Baptist Association to purchase and distribute food for people in its communities. "God's mercy is so great!" Masaba said upon receipt of the funds. "People are flocking my residence day and night in ...more

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  • Christian Schools in China

    Christian Schools in China

    Christian Wei is founder and president of Christian Way Missions, Inc., pastor of Christian Bible Church, and president of EUCON International School, all based in ...more

From the Director

  • Missions Conference in Florida

    VERO BEACH, Fla.—Faith Baptist Church welcomed Chris Hindal as part of its annual missions conference. Pastor Bert Wilson enthusiastically leads his congregation to think outreach at home and globally. Chris presented Gospel Literature Services in the Sunday School hour and the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries in the morning worship service. Chris was encouraged to see a congregation with vision ...more

  • Grace Baptist Church, LaBelle, Florida

    LaBelle, Fla.---The Hindals ministered in both Sunday School and the morning service at Grace Baptist Church on Sunday, Dec. 6. LaBelle is a rural community in south Florida. Pastor Jeff and Ann Zimmerman have served this small congregation for the past five years. It was especially enjoyable for the Hindals to be involved in such a multiethnic congregation. Chris presented GLS ...more