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  • Missions Emphasis Sunday at Stanford Baptist

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind.---Stanford Baptist Church graciously invited Chris Hindal to speak on Sunday, Aug. 23, for a Missions Emphasis Sunday. The combined adult classes listened to the presentation of Gospel Literature Services during the Sunday School hour. For the morning worship service, Chris challenged the congregation using pictures from numerous countries. He emphasized that the Lord is building His church ...more

  • Chris Hindal and Chris Brown in Bangkok

    BANGKOK---Chris Hindal and Chris Brown are in Bangkok, finalizing arrangements for the International Partnership conference on Nov. 4--7. The beautiful Wangree Resort is the setting for the conference. The Two Chrises met with the resort management along with Pastors Reuel and Somchit. While in Bangkok, Hindal and Brown also met with Grace and Pet, the two ladies who are translating Regular ...more