Gospel Literature Services Projects

Operation India
Thousands of children in India have no money, no knowledge of the one true God, and no hope for the future. These children need to learn about Jesus and His power to forgive sins and change lives. Your gift helps supply curriculum and teacher-training to reach children all over India with the gospel.

Formula 300
This team is made up of individuals, families, Sunday School classes, small groups, and churches who commit $30 a month to underwrite the shipping costs to send approximately one million dollars’ worth of materials around the world annually. This project is the first priority of GLS.

Conference Associates
As part of the International Ministries of the GARBC, GLS provides Biblical resources for ministries in 40 countries. On special occasions, such as dedications, anniversaries, and conferences, it is important for Director Chris Hindal to be present. Your gift helps personalize this ministry to our national brothers. On the donation page, write “conference associates” as your designation, or if sending a check, write “conference associates” on the memo line.

Kids for GLS Banks
Hey, kids (and parents too)! God is pleased when you want to help share God’s Word with kids in other countries. In far-off places like India and Africa, many children come to church to learn about God, but even the teacher does not know what to teach them. They really need some Sunday School books. Here is a way to help these kids. If you e-mail me at chindal@garbc.org and include your name and address, I will send you a bank like the one in this picture. When you fill your bank, that money will send Sunday School books to these children. It pleases God when we think more about other people than we do about ourselves.

Operation Translation
Three countries—Thailand, Burma, and India—are translating Regular Baptist Press Sunday School materials into their national or tribal language and need assistance. Funds sent for this project will help support the translators and pay the cost of publishing. Publishing is critical for distribution to the churches.

Operation Liberia
You can help build a school in Mafla Village, Bong County, Liberia, or perhaps in Grand Bassa County. But instead of just building any school, the principal, James Burnette, is committed to building a Christian school. Through your gift, the church families will have the opportunity to send their children to school and even have Christian teachers. Other families who are not Christians will also send their children. These children will learn about the love of Jesus. You can make a difference in the lives of African boys and girls. You can help them come to know Jesus.

The Liberian government has already donated 25 acres for a school in Bong County. A professional man in the area has agreed to donate his services in designing this 10-room elementary school. The estimated cost is $32,664. You can have a great impact in West Africa for the cause of Christ.

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