Timothy Sui Lian Mang is president of Myanmar Biblical Baptist Fellowship in Yangon, Myanmar, and founded Biblical School of Theology in Myanmar in 1996.

Biblical Stewardship Conference

A Biblical Stewardship Conference for pastors, evangelists, missionaries, female workers, and deacons was held in Tahan Dec. 6–10. One hundred fifteen people from Bible-believing churches attended the five-day event, aimed at sharpening Christian workers’ lives for the cause of the Lord. Every evening we had a meeting on the deeper Christian life. The Lord really touched the people’s heart through the messages.

Thaya Bible Church

On Sunday morning, Dec. 11, I visited Bible Church at Thaya Village and preached on the filling of the Holy Spirit. This is a good church; 40 families attend. They began constructing a church building in 2009, but since the congregation is poor economically, they could not complete the project. (In this church are seven widows.) The new building is 63 feet by 34 feet. The congregation will need $3,400 to finish the construction.

Soul-Winning Outreach

Dec. 18–30 we formed 34 teams and went out to different regions to share the gospel. One Sinanmah village did not allow us to distribute gospel tracts, preach, or witness. In the rest of the towns and villages, the Lord opened doors for us to witness for Christ. We reached 4,230 people with the gospel both by personal witnessing and collective witnessing/preaching, and we distributed 3,500 gospel tracts. In the end, after reaching 12 towns and 22 villages with the gospel, 638 people professed that they accepted Jesus as their personal Savior, and five were baptized in Sinphwecun Town. Three churches were planted in three places through this soul-winning outreach.

On the evening of Jan. 1, the participants gathered at the college chapel and shared what the Lord had done in different regions. We were overjoyed for His blessings upon our ministry.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who supports us financially and in prayer. We have a strong hope and faith that great things will continue to happen in our country in the near future. Without your financial support, there is no way to have such a wonderful ministry here in Myanmar. May the Lord bless you greatly so that you may continue to support the Myanmar ministry.

Yours in His vineyard,

Timothy Sui Lian Mang