Timothy Sui Lian Mang is president of Myanmar Biblical Baptist Fellowship in Yangon, Myanmar, and founded Biblical School of Theology in Myanmar in 1996. He is currently working on translating the Bible. Many people are now reading his Falam Chin New Testament and expressing their appreciation. ”Now I have to focus on the Old Testament,” he says. “The written Word of God (the Bible) is God’s precious gift. By reading and studying it, we can know the way of salvation, Heaven, Hell, doctrine of the Holy Spirit, and so on.”

Bible Translation

A consultant from the U.S. came to Myanmar Feb. 6–24, and we worked on translating the book of Deuteronomy. By God’s grace, we have finished checking the first five books of the Old Testament, verse by verse. We plan to print those five books for a trial edition.

Missionary Retreat

We had a missionary retreat Feb. 26—March 2 at the campus of theBiblical School of Theology with 43 missionaries from seven states. Students and staff also participated. The conference was real refreshment for frontline missionaries and was challenging for students.

Bible College Ministry

The 14th graduation exercise of the Biblical School of Theology was held on March 3. In all, 45 students graduated, with two students earning masters degrees. Eleven graduate students joined our Soldier of Jesus Christ outreach team. Each one needs $80 a month for support.

My eldest son, the founder of Soldier of Jesus Christ, will lead one group of soldiers (eight members) to conduct evangelistic crusades in six places during April and May. I will meet them in Hakha City for a big crusade the second week of May.

Sixty-seven additional students are reaching different places in six states. We will hear their report when they come back to the college the first week of June.

Needs and Prayer Items

1. There are 11 new missionaries, and each one needs at least $80per month for support.

2. One good laptop is needed for Old Testament translation. $600can buy one.

3. Pray for our summer soul-winning outreach ministry.

Yours in His vineyard,

Timothy Sui Lian Mang

Myanmar Biblical Baptist Fellowship

Yangon, Myanmar