Silvester Ferry Paoki is director of Indonesian Baptist Ministry and pastor of Hope Baptist Church in Sulut, Indonesia. His ministry joined the IPFBM in 2007.

Praise the Lord Jesus for His mercy on me and my family, especially on my ministry in January and February. I have been ministering in Denpasar, Bali, and North Sulawesi, teaching and training leaders in evangelism and church planting.

The training in Denpasar is going very well. My focus is on developing the leaders and pastors in their ministries, especially in their knowledge of God’s Word and their skills in reaching the lost for Christ. Denpasar is a good place for evangelism and church planting, as most of the people are Buddhists. Please pray for these people to open their hearts to Jesus as their Savior.

The teaching and training ministry in Kotamobagu (North Sulawesi Island) is also going well. Most of the people in this area are Muslims, so I have been teaching the leaders how to use God’s Word in evangelism and church planting.

Again, thank you so much for praying for my ministry. My wife and I have been praying for you as well. I believe that together we could do more for Christ. Please pray for my need of financial support. God bless you abundantly, and may He guide you in His way day by day.

Please pray for my next ministry:

1. The second week of March and May, I will teach and train leaders and pastors in Papua.

2. In April and May, I will go to Denpasar to teach and train leaders.

3. In June, I will go to Ujung Pandang and Bandung to teach and train leaders and pastors.

Sincerely in Christ,
Ferry S. Paoki