W. S. Vedha is a pastor in Tamil Nadu, India. He sends the following letter regarding the spread of dengue fever in India. “In India’s capital, where areas of standing water contribute to the epidemic’s growth, hospitals are overrun and feverish patients are sharing beds and languishing in hallways,” reports The New York Times. “Officials say that 30,002 people in India had been sickened with dengue fever through October, a 59 percent jump from the 18,860 recorded for all of 2011. But the real number of Indians who get dengue fever annually is in the millions.”

Many thousands of people, especially young children, in our state of Tamil Nadu, India, have been affected by dengue fever. More than 50 men, women, and children have died; many thousands more have been admitted to government and private hospitals.

Neelam Cyclone also recently passed over the seashore, affecting 50 percent of the seashore district area. Most of the fishermen lost their huts, nets, and boats. Mosquitoes are now thick in Tamil Nadu.

Through this cyclone, rain, and fever, our regular ministry is affected very badly. We have no monthly help from anywhere. Street children and old people in the streets, bus stands, and railway stations have also been affected very badly without food and clean water.

Please pray and help our people—your own brothers and sisters,

Yours in Christ,

W. S. Vedha 

Regular Baptist Ministries – India

Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, India