Chinese grad_inlineChristian Wei is founder and president of Christian Way Missions, Inc., (Biblical Baptists), a missions board that sends missionaries to China and other restricted-access nations. He send the following letter.

Last summer marked a great blessing of training of our ministry. Not only have we successfully trained 38 men in May and June, we have also trained 14 Christian educators in August.

We have now established 14 church schools in mainland China so that they will continue to train the next generation for Jesus Christ. When the leaders of the house church experienced the loss of their young people, they realized the need to get their children back from the worldly education system. We already planned many years ago to help the house churches to train their young people, so now we have seen the Lord opening doors for us to train Christian educators who will teach children Biblically instead of sending the Christian children to the secular schools to be brainwashed by the king of this world.

Please continue to pray for God’s will to be done in the suffering churches in China. God bless.

Humbly in Christ,

Christian Wei
Christian Way Missions (Biblical Baptists)