Prasad Muslim inlineJohn Victor Sakile is a pastor in the East Godavari district of South India and leads the New Life Regular Baptist Society. He sends the following ministry update.

Last year 12 Muslim families were saved in Jesus’ name. Now we have 21 Muslim families who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Praise God for His wonderful way to save His people. My aim is that the whole village be saved. Next month we will conduct door-to-door evangelism along with medical service. Please pray for the Lord’s blessing.

In our projected Communist area, church construction is going well. In this first stage we want to construct up to the foundation level. We are planing to construct three floors. The remaining two floors will be used for a training center for pastors and Sunday School teachers. We are praying for the Lord’s provision and His guidance to construct this church and training center. Prasad [John’s son] was very eager to develop a training center for pastors and teachers. I hope our Lord will give him His provision from His richness.

John Sakile
New Life Regular Baptist Society
East Godavari, India