The mission house where Aung Soe Min lives and leads meetings.

Timothy Sui Lian Mang, president of Myanmar Biblical Baptist Fellowship, is working on translating the Old Testament into the Falam Chin language. He sends the following letter about this endeavor, as well as the need for a house church to be built.

During the month of May, I visited some of our mission fields where our frontline missionaries work. I visited Ta Pang town, where Aung Soe Min, our new missionary, continues the mission work. There are 15–20 attendees at Sunday morning worship services and 25–30 children for Sunday School. I visited him with three other soldiers of Jesus Christ and encouraged him to be faithful in the ministry. The mission house where he lives and leads the meetings needs to be demolished in order to build a new house. We estimate that $4,300 will be able to build a new one.

My goal is to finish checking the whole Old Testament of Falam with a Bible translation consultant. The month of May, I went to India and stayed there for a month and we finished checking the book of Isaiah and Jeremiah with Old Testament scholars. In the month of October, we will check again the book of 2 Kings and the book of 2 Chronicles. And in January 2016, we will check the book of Ezekiel, and then the whole Old Testament will be finished. My Falam Chin people are eager to have the whole Bible as soon as possible.

Yours in His vineyard,

Timothy Sui Lian Mang
Myanmar Biblical Baptist Fellowship
Yangon, Myanmar