adj inlineAlfred Adjaottor is pastor of Dansoman Baptist Church, in Ghana, West Africa, affiliated with the Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches in Accra, Ghana. He sends the following letter.

The Saturday before Easter, efforts were made to show a film on the Crucifixion. It all started very well, but almost halfway through, the sound system went dead. It was very embarrassing. But we did not give up. With the aid of a battery-powered megaphone, I ran commentary and preached, and to my delight, the Lord kept the crowd around to the end. Over 50 souls were saved through the effort. The Sunday morning following, a crowd of young people came over to church. Praise the Lord! We are praying that many of them would return and remain with us.

Pastor Alfred Adjaottor
Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches
Accra, Ghana