Partners Ministry, founded by Ariel Abadiano from the Philippines, sponsored the second Asia Pacific Missions Congress held in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, on Oct. 28-30, 2008. Approximately 230 persons attended representing 14 countries. The large majority were from the Philippines.

The purpose of the conference is to provide a venue for challenge, interaction, networking and partnering around the global mission of the great commission to enhance God’s reputation in the world.

The conference program included plenary speakers, a four-hour plenary workshop on strategies for church planting and a breakout session each day.

IPFBM director, Chris Hindal, spoke on strategies for partnering for one plenary session, plus facilitated one breakout session on publications. Chris announced that the First Historic Biennial Conference for the IPFBM will be held in Bangkok on November 4-7, 2009. All IPFBM association leaders and pastors plus wives are invited to attend. Mission agency leaders and other association leaders interested in the IPFBM are encouraged to register.

Chris said, “The APMC conference is a well-planned program that focuses on global missions. It provides an opportunity to network with many leaders in the region who have a heart for missions. I highly recommend it.”