Kinder inlineChristian Wei is founder and president of Christian Way Missions, Inc., pastor of Christian Bible Church, and president of EUCON International School, all based in Saipan. Since 2005, Christian Way Missions has been training pastors to lead house churches through a program called 2T. Wei invited the men involved in that program to attend a kindergarten graduation ceremony to encourage them to start schools in their churches. Wei writes:

On May 27, we celebrated our kindergarten graduation ceremony. We have K3, K4, and K5 in the program. K5 presented a drama. The story of a garden with many flowers, the rose being the most beautiful one, teaches our youngsters about the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ, our Savior. It gave a good impression to the parents.

This is part of our Christian Education movement in China, because many of the 2T men and Christian educators will be able to see and learn how to establish a church school. We invited all the 2T men to join this program so that they will be encouraged to know that the Lord can also use them to train their youngsters in the church.

Please continue to pray for the church school and homeschool movement in China. We believe this movement will be very crucial for the future house church movement in China.

Christian Wei
Christian Way Missions
Monroe, VA