adjaotter inlineAlfred Adjaottor is pastor of Dansoman Baptist Church, in Ghana, West Africa, affiliated with the Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches in Accra, Ghana. One year ago, his church planted Triumph Baptist Fellowship in Nsakina, a remote suburb of Accra. Pastor Adjaottor sends the following update.

The Nsakina fellowship turned one year old on Dec. 20. I rejoiced to be able to go for the anniversary service. We had in attendance 50 children and young people and 12 adults (including five crew members from Dansoman). We had some used clothes for them and it was a delight watching how they jostled for them. It was a lovely anniversary service as I challenged the congregation to walk in the victory the Lord Jesus has won for us. Gratefully, five young people embraced saving faith in Jesus. We were also able to show another movie at Nsakina on Dec. 26. Joyfully, the crew that held the service the following day reported that more children showed up for Sunday School.

Gratefully, we have secured a piece of land for Triumph Baptist Fellowship. We have been able to pay for almost half the cost and we are expected to pay the remaining half (about $10,000) in a few weeks when we receive the documents covering the parcel. We pray that we will be able to raise the amount for the settlement.

Alfred Adjaottor
Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches
Accra, Ghana, West Africa