Nepal_inlineThe Fundamental Baptist Fellowship of Manipur held a two-day, three-night Bible camp for couples. Chong Singsit, U.S. representative for this fellowship, tells about the camp in the following letter:

Bible camp for couples was held about eight miles from the Nepal border and 60 miles away from our home in Laxi-Marga, Nepal. The Bible camp was held at Laxi Marga (a small town) and we were to speak. In all, about 50 couples attended. A number of couples, especially the wives, came forward and shared how much they appreciated God’s Word expounded during camp.

We are thankful God blessed His Word through the preaching and teaching from the Bible. Please remember most, if not all, of these people are either first- or second-generation Christians or their minds are still filled with Hindu philosophy and got to be renewed daily with God’s Word. Most of the Christian are not rooted and grounded in the Word of God. That was the reason they were carried away by winds of doctrines of the Hindu cultures during their festivals. The Christians of Nepal need to be very strong and good witnesses within their own communities.

Fundamental Baptist Fellowship of Manipur
Manipur, India