nurse inlineWesley Chatla serves with the Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship, Andhra Pradesh, South India. He sent the following account about persecution in the workplace:

Recently I had a stay in an Indian hospital for dengue fever. On the last day before my discharge I was talking to a nurse, Mary. I was surprised to see the red dot on her forehead. In fact, that red dot usually indicates that the person is a Hindu. I asked her how come she has the red dot on her forehead while her name tells that she is a Christian. She was apprehensive initially, but later shared, as I politely asked her.

She is a junior nurse, and the hostel where she is staying is full of Hindu friends, and they forced her to have a red dot on her forehead. Being a Christian among many nurses in the hostel, she was afraid and had to accept what the majority were saying. She asked me to pray for her, as she is trying to find a job in another place where there is no internal persecution so that she can witness for Christ and lead a peaceful life and live for Christ.

Wesley Chatla
Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship
Nidumolu, AP, South India