Akakpo Mar 2015 inlineJoseph Akakpo ministers with the Association des Eglises Baptistes Bibliques du Togo in Lome, Togo. He sends the following ministry report.

Our door-to-door evangelism is not in vain, as new souls are being touched with the gospel. One of them is brother Pascal Toko. He is a husband of a sister in the church with two kids. Mrs. Vero Toko is the happiest in the church now because of the salvation of her husband. Now both with their kids come to all worship hours together with gladness. The day Brother Pascal was giving his testimony during our morning worship, you could see all 32 teeth of his wife. She wanted to explode with joy. Yes, God has answered her prayers, and her hope is not in vain.

As we want the Lomnava church to be an evangelistic and loving church, we are going to have an open-door evangelistic campaign in a nearby neighborhood April 2–4. Then April 5 will be the celebration day of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ; we will have meals together to share our love in Jesus Christ with each other.

Joseph Akakpo
Association des Eglises Baptistes Bibliques du Togo
Lome, Togo