Liberia front inside church inlineJesse Quapourlee is a pastor with the African Fundamental Baptist Mission, Inc., in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. He sends the following letter.

We’re so glad that the Lord has brought us thus far in ministry works in Liberia, though 2014 was a very challenging year for us. The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa greatly slowed down the growth and development of Liberia in every sector. But praise be to God that with our joint prayer efforts, things are significantly improving; the outbreak has significantly dropped in our country. Sometimes God uses this kind of situation to bring His people closer to Himself. Many professions of faith in Christ Jesus as Savior are being made during these difficult periods of our country. Also, the Lord’s works have continued to progress in spite of these situations. We therefore wish to say again a very big thank you for all your prayer, financial, and moral support during the year. We wish God’s blessing upon you always in our partnership to advance His kingdom in both our countries.

We are pleased to mention some of the progresses the Lord has made through us in Liberia at the results of your prayer, moral, and financial supports.

(1) With the Lord’s provisions through His people, our building construction is almost done. It will hopefully be presented to the Lord for His service and worship next Sunday. To God be the glory!

(2) Six persons accepted Christ as Savior in last Sunday’s service.

(3) The Kpelle language is the largest tribal group in Liberia. The Kpelle people have been praying for the Bible to be translated in both Testaments because the missionaries were able to translate only the New Testament in Kpelle in the 1960s. Praise be to God that He has finally answered our prayer. The entire Kpelle Bible is now translated in the Kpelle language. Pray for the Lord’s provision for many of the Kpelle Bibles for our people. Many of our people wish to have one but cannot not afford the cost. Each is sold for $10.

(4) The Lord burdened a gentleman, John Flomo, to pay $4,000 (US) to a road building company to repair the road leading to our church building. This came to us as a great surprise. I have wondered how the road leading from the main street to our church would be repaired someday. I sometimes prayed about it but didn’t know how it was going to be done. And the Lord has answered my prayer. Please pray for the salvation of this gentleman. He works in the Liberian government. He claims to be a believer, but some of his practices do not really tell that he is a born-again Christian.

Jesse Quapourlee
African Fundamental Baptist Mission, Inc.
Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa