image001H. C. Stephen is chairman of the IPFBM Council of Eight and president of the New Testament Baptist Church Association in Manipur, India. He sends the following letter regarding the development of the first Bible camp in Manipur.

This camp property is an answer to our prayers. We had been praying for this for about 10 years. The Lord answered our prayer in His own time, for which we are thankful. This will be the first of its kind here in our state when we can fully develop the facility. The camp property is about eight acres and it is eight miles from our home. It is located near a beautiful man-made lake or dam. It is a good-size lake. It is half a mile wide and about six miles long.

Before we got this property, our school, Hope Baptist Academy, had conducted camp thrice with the help of Lake Ann Camp personnel. After we acquired the property, we used it a lot of times for outings and picnics. The camp now has a house and a chapel near the lake. We have cut the road to the top of the hill. We will build a bigger chapel at the top. We also need to build more cottages and cabins.

We just finished our first couples’ camp the second week of April with 27 couples. It was great. The camp will be an asset for our churches. It will be used for children’s camp, youth camp, leadership camp, and retreats and conference. Please pray that the Lord will continue to provide all our needs for the camp—both human and financial. We need builders to come over and help us with our building projects and also counselors and youth workers to help us in running the camp programs.

H. C. Stephen
New Testament Baptist Church Association
Churachandpur, Manipur, India