Prasad Jackson inlinePrasad Sakile of the New Life Regular Baptist Society in Andhra Pradesh, India, has been translating The Doctrine and Administration of the Church (Regular Baptist Press) by Dr. Paul Jackson into Telegu. (Read about his translation work in “Training Indian Pastors to Organize Baptist Churches.”) His father, John, sends the following update.

My church members and I completed a prayer chain of 144 hours (six continuous days) for the Lord’s providing for the publication of Dr. Paul Jackson’s book. Prasad has a vision to teach the church leaders with our sound doctrine because in India we have so many churches running without doctrine. His vision is to reach 1,000 churches with our doctrine. For this he worked for nearly a year to translate and prayed for the financial need for this project.

Thanks for your encouragement for this project. I praise the Lord for His vision given to Prasad for His work. We are continuing to pray for you and all our supporters.

Prasad has also completed a VBS teacher training program in my area. This spring, April 25—May 25, we will conduct VBS camps in various places in my region using these teachers. We are using our Regular Baptist Press Sunday School materials in those camps. Please pray that more children will accept Christ as Savior. Also pray for the Youth For Christ camp May 1. Many young people will learn their responsibility for Christ’s kingdom work.

In His Name,

John Sakile
New Life Regular Baptist Society
East Godavari
Andhra Pradesh, India

  • The publication of the Telegu translation of The Doctrine and Administration of the Church costs $3,050. Donations are needed to underwrite this important work. Read more about the project and donate online.