Haiti Missions TripSHELBY, MICHIGAN—Shelby Road Baptist Church reports that it did not take long for its participants in a recent missions trip to Haiti to see the great need of that country. At times it felt as though they were only putting a temporary Band-aid on some of these problems by offering vitamins, pain killers, antibiotics, and so forth. God, however, helped them to see that while Haiti appears to be a country filled with hopelessness, they had the opportunity to share the love of Christ with 1,700 needy people whom He put in their path. God used them in six medical clinics as a platform to express His love to the needy people through personal testimonies, Gospel tracts, and medical care.

While laying the foundation for a new church, they were able to show care and concern to the Haitian children and adult onlookers. There were many smiles, hugs, and words of spiritual encouragement. God’s purpose for the group went far beyond meeting physical and material needs. The 57 men and women who trusted Christ Jesus as Savior now have the hope of eternal life, and the missions trip participants were amazed and in awe that God would allow them the privilege of being a part.