PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti—Members of a church and children in an orphanage in Haiti are fasting this morning with Pastor Prédestin Hérard. “Without the Lord we would be lost and really life would be hopeless,” says Pastor Hérard, president of the Association des Énglises Evangeliques Baptistes d΄ Haiti. He and his family are doing well, he reports.

The bank in Port-au-Prince, now reopened since the quake, is filled with people who have needs. “There is a long line almost every day in front of the bank,” says Pastor Hérard. He planned to go to the bank early Monday morning so he could get the money he needs to begin repairing his church.

Pastor Hérard’s church and school have been damaged in the quake. But other pastors’ churches, as well as homes, have been completely destroyed. Pastor Hérard shares this list of damages to pastors’ homes and churches in Port-au-Prince:

Pastor Claude Doutance (Carrefour)church destroyed

Pastor Lemur Pierre Moise (Leogane)church and house destroyed

Pastor Thelemake Sonet (Mariani)church damaged

Pastor Muscadin Jean Illrick (Fontamara)church and house destroyed

Pastor Ferly Mardoche (Fontamara)church destroyed

Pastor Sedan Franckel (Delmas 32)church and house destroyed

Pastor Durogene Sonet (Bois neuf Cite Soleil)church and house destroyed

Pastor Berthony Desrose (Bossier)church destroyed

Pastor Simil Simon (Sarthes)church destroyed

Pastor Rony Lapointe (Lilavois)-church destroyed

Pastor Stime Joanet (Thomaseau)church destroyed

Pastor Dorvil Brenord (Latramblais 12)church damaged

Pastor Neolien Cadet (Nazon)church and house destroyed

Pastor Herve Lerisse (Juvenat)church and house destroyed

Pastor Edner Demeze (Sarthes)church and house damage

Pastor Jacques Dameus (Sarthes)church destroyed, house damaged

Pastor Savain Lestain (Delmas 33)church and house destroyed

Pastor Previlon Noel (Bon repos)house destroyed, church damaged

Pastor Jeanty Jeantal (Plaine)church and house destroyed

Pastor Fritz Jean Felix (Cite Soleil)church and house destroyed

Pastor Ricardo Saingelus (Plaine)church destroyed

Pastor Pastor Prédestin Hérard (Girardo)church and school damaged