enosh inlineFaith Baptist Church Association in Devanahalli, India, is the newest partner in the IPFBM. The association includes 85 churches, as well as additional house churches, in south central India. Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International, recently visited this association, ministering to 100 of the churches’ pastors and visiting its orphanage.

The orphanage is looking to the Lord to provide for its children this Christmas. At a Christmas celebration, the orphanage staff is hoping to serve a special meal and give the children new clothes so they “can feel and get the same love and happiness as other children who have parents,” says Pastor J. D. Enosh. The meal and gifts for the 127 children will cost a total of $1,350.

Perhaps you, your church, or a Sunday School class for children or adults could help this orphanage fulfill its Christmas wish. Prayerfully consider what you could do.

To donate, mail a check, with “Orphanage Christmas Wish” on the memo line, to Regular Baptist Ministries, 3715 N. Ventura Dr. Arlington Heights, IL 60004-7678 or call Michele, 888-588-1600, ext. 818, for credit card donations.