Six church associations in Myanmar are part of the International Partnership of Fundamental Ministries.  Chris Hindal set up a meeting for the leaders of these fellowships for Thursday, November 29, 2012 in Yangon and God was pleased to bring them all together.  Meeting at the Biblical School of Theology, Chris explained the nature and function of the partnership and how it is designed to have a missions emphasis focused on the world.  Each of them was given time to share the scope of their ministry with the others asking questions.  The fact that several of these men had not met before created both an informational and inspirational dynamic.  They were all greatly encouraged by the work that God was doing among fundamental Baptists in their own country that they had not known.  They were challenged to think about areas where they could assist one another in the global harvest.

The commitment level of the men was demonstrated by the time, expense and energy required to attend this meeting.  One of them took 2 ½ days traveling by motorcycle, bus, car and taxi to arrive at the meeting.  Another man willingly rode a bus 23 hours each way not wanting to miss the meeting.  Around the lunch table the men began discussing the possibility of a first ever Myanmar regional meeting of the international partners.  They told Chris they would need his help in organizing the first regional and believed they could do it the next time on their own.  They are going to pray about holding the meeting in 2014.

All of the men were informed about the website built specifically for the partnership.  They were also urged to attend the 2nd All Partners IPFBM Conference to be held November 4-8, 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand.