image001John Victor Sakile is a pastor in the East Godavari district of South India and leads the New Life Regular Baptist Society. He sends the following ministry update:

Our main church youth members distributed New Testaments and kind invitations to attend our youth service in our churches. We reached with New Testaments all college and higher grade school students.

Our youth service the following Sunday was doubled by this effort. Prasad [John’s son] said to me that so many new faces were in this youth service. He explained in the service about the Lord’s love and His sacrifice for our sins. Actually, he was prepared to speak on the topic of “Living God” from Matthew 28:18–20. New people asked some questions. He hopes that in the near future we will reach more youth groups with the Word of God. Please pray for Prasad—for his vision for the Lord’s work, the Lord’s guidance, and for wisdom to prepare future generations for Jesus.

At present, we are conducting VBS classes for primary and pre-primary children. Through our Lord’s love, we got more responses for this VBS than we were expecting. This is the first time we have conducted VBS in my region. We are preparing breakfast, lunch, and evening snacks for the attending children.

We are using our Sunday School material to teach the VBS classes. We are thankful to the GARBC for its generously providing us materials through Gospel Literature Services. Action songs, puppet show, Bible quiz, games, and PowerPoint are being used. With the Lord’s vision, we trained up 22 VBS teachers in my region. Miraculously, the Lord has provided all our needs for this program.

John Sakile
New Life Regular Baptist Society
East Godivari, India