Chatla roof inlineDr. Chatla Devasahayam is president of the Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship, which includes a Bible college, in Nidumolu, South India. He sends the following letter:

By God’s grace we have inaugurated a new church in Eluru and laid the foundation for another new church in Pedasanagallu. We want to finish and inaugurate the building the first week in December. There are still several unfinished churches in the fellowship. In the campus dining hall, painting, electricity, and flooring are still in want; we would like to finish that project before Christmas.

The heavy rains in Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu are intense, and that coastal belt was greatly damaged in several places. The office building in Nidumolu is on its way to collapse at any time. I humbly request that you kindly see the possibility of rebuilding. Construction will cost more than $75,000 (US).

Chatla Devasahayam
Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship
Nidumolu, India