lourdes-inlineCharles and Lourdes Holmes are missionaries in Bangkok, Thailand, with the Philippine Association of Baptists for World Evangelism. They send the following letter.

Our Annual Interchurch Discipleship Camp was held in Samroiyod (south of Thailand) this year Oct. 18–21. Dr. Roger McCarty of First Community Baptist Church of Los Gatos, California, brought challenging messages on the theme “Reach for the Goal.” Nicole, his daughter, encouraged many with her friendly gestures. It was a real blessing to see the camp run by a committee made up of all Thai pastors and church workers.

The following day after our Interchurch Discipleship Camp in Samroiyod, Acharn Roger, Nicole, Nancy (visiting from Hawaii), and Reu and Sheryl boarded the plane to Chiengrai (northern part) to hold a seminar for the Akha and Lahu pastors, evangelists, their wives, and church workers. We were supposed to go, but we decided to stay home because Charlie contacted a bad case of bronchitis.

Charles and Lourdes Holmes
Bangkok, Thailand