BANGKOK—The excitement continues in Bangkok at the IPFBM biennial conference now in progress. Chris Hindal, GARBC international director, reports, “It is incredible to witness the blending together of 22 associating partners from 10 countries in worship, study, interaction, and fellowship around meals and during break times.” The messages are challenging the status quo and pointing toward meaningful action items in advancing the dream of the partnership.

During a special recognition time, John Greening, GARBC national representative, paid special tribute to Dr. Mark Jackson for the influence of his life, saying, “It is a great privilege to stand in tribute to Dr. Mark Jackson, a man I love as a father” and citing examples of his character and service.

Beloved and revered by international pastors and ministry leaders, Dr. Jackson has worked tirelessly to make friends among fundamental Baptists throughout the world. Logging over two million miles in his travels, Mark Jackson laid the foundational work in the formation of the IPFBM. Chris Hindal presented him with a gift of remembrance for his faithful ministry, which includes his former service as international director of both Gospel Literature Services and the IPFBM. Dr. Jackson referred to his role in international ministries as “the capstone of his ministry years” and this IPFBM conference as the “culmination of years of labor.” The attendees affirmed their love and appreciation for Dr. Jackson through a standing ovation.