Good Soil Baptist Churches in Bungoma, Kenya, joined the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries in 2007. Director Cyrus Wanyonyi Chefunea sends the following letter regarding Good Soil’s ministries.

Kenya Wanyonyi inlineWe ever remain serving tirelessly for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our orphans program has increased to reach more than 5,000 young orphans with the gospel of Christ. We are able to take care of 50 orphans at our church. We thank the Lord for the little our members give to help an orphan.

On Aug. 1–3 I led eight pastors across the border to our neighboring country of Uganda to minister to eight new churches we planted there in teaching, witnessing, preaching, and introducing child evangelism and soccer camp youth evangelism. It was a real good mission: 286 lost souls got saved, 54 people were baptized, and more than 500 attended our conferences and open-air meetings. Glory be to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Aug. 20–23 we will have a missions trip at Moi’s bridge. We shall be teaching, witnessing, preaching in churches, and leading open-air meetings.

Pray for the Lord to provide enough Bibles as we reach the new areas and plant new churches and run our discipleship classes.

Prayer Requests

  • We are caring for 50 orphans in our homes. Pray for the Lord to provide $5,000 to put up one building with five rooms for a orphanage.
  • Four churches are under construction, two in Kenya and two in Uganda. They are meeting under a tree during this cold season.
  • Pray for evangelism and the church-planting team as they reach unreached families with the gospel of Christ. They need full Bibles for discipleship classes, witnessing tracts, and transportation. Pray that the Lord gives them protection and direction.
  • Some churches in the Mombasa coastal region of Kenya have been attacked. Some pastors and church members were reported to have been killed by unknown people.

Otherwise here we are doing fine and busy in the Lord’s service. We always have been praying for you and other IPFBM partners.

Rev Cyrus Wanyonyi Chefunea
Good Soil Baptist Churches
Bungoma, Kenya