Information is coming in concerning the condition of some of our partners in Kenya. The outcome of the national elections on December 27th has led to rioting, killing and the destruction of property. We have partners through the IPFBM who are in the affected regions. An email from one our partners stated, “right now I have 20 families being hosted in our church compound, plus the orphans…we are appealing to church bodies and individuals who are willing to support these people with food and medicines…”

The situation there is desperate. Chris Hindal has been to that church and reports that there is no indoor plumbing and no electricity. This is simple living under the best conditions, but now the people and facilities are beyond capacity. The needs are real. They need prayer for safety. Lives have been lost and much property has been destroyed.

Besides your prayers, would you be willing to make a donation to assist our brothers and sisters in their time of need? This is not unlike the situation in Jerusalem in the book of Acts where the believers came to the aid of their brothers and sisters. You can make a credit card donation by clicking the donate button and putting in the comment section, “emergency relief”. Thank you for loving your brothers and sisters, whom you have not yet met, but one day will.