image001Jesse Quapourlee is a pastor with the African Fundamental Baptist Mission, Inc., in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. Liberia is now free from Ebola, he says. In the following letter, he thanks friends of GARBC International Ministries for coming to Liberia’s aid with financial and prayer support:

Words can inadequately express our joy for what the Lord has done for our nation, Liberia, and its people through your restless prayers. Liberia is now declared an Ebola-free nation. Currently, the president of Liberia is being offered a certificate of declaration by representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO), for which we are purely delighted as a nation. The Ebola situation was an unbearable one for Liberians traveling around the world. Travel restrictions were placed on Liberians by many countries of the world, many ship captains refused to come to Liberia at the epic of the crisis, the economy of Liberia dropped below 1 percent, and the functionaries of our government almost collapsed during the height of the crisis.

Sadly, the virus brought reproach to us as a nation. And we are writing to remind of your role played on our behalf during this crisis. You did not fail to pray for our deliverance and protection. God granted your petitions, and we were delivered and preserved for the furtherance of the gospel in Liberia and Africa at large. Also, your aid landed at the right time, which provided food and medicine for many of our people. We say thank you for all and wish for God to continuously strengthen your hands to abound in His vineyard always.

Because He lives,

Jesse and Comfort
African Fundamental Baptist Mission, Inc.
Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa