image001Charlie and Lourdes Holmes are Filipino missionaries serving with the Philippines Association of Baptists for World Evangelism in Bangkok, Thailand. They send the following letter about Life Camp, held May 11–14.

Life Camp usually is held in October, but due to the school schedule, it was decided to hold it in May. It was received so well we will continue with this schedule. This year 363 campers from 24 different churches attended at a resort outside of Bangkok. Out of 122 non-Christian attendees, 52 accepted Christ as Savior. The staff worked so hard and several English teachers partnered with us, some even from Ohio.

The classes included small group class, witnessing/evangelism class, Lahu Tribal Bible class, Akha Tribal Bible class, English speaking believers class, and Thai speaking believers class. A gospel mime was presented on two nights. Some people shared testimonies about how they turned from idols to serve the living God.

We appreciate your partnership. What a blessing to work together even though we are in different places.

Together for Christ in Thailand,

Charlie and Lourdes Holmes
Bangkok, Thailand