(Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship)

An update of the ministries accomplishments during the last four months: September, October, November and December 2007.

The highlights of the ministry from September to December:
(A) In the area of orphanage and school: –
The school is continuing from L.K.G. to 10th class in English and in Telugu Medium. Beside our orphan children, the school is having 250 children from outside of all castes. Most of them are from very poor back ground. We are able to give them quality education to beat the competition of the other schools. Our orphan children’s education is continuing in the same school. They had very good anniversary in Nov. 11th and our orphan children performed skits, singing, dancing along with the other talents. Most of them stood in first rank in their education as well as in games.
(B) In the area of ministry: –

We had very wonderful believer’s retreat in October and in Dec. Most of the members from our churches represented and in each conference almost two to three thousand people attended.  The December meeting on 31st night people attended beyond our comprehension. They stayed all the night from 7.30 P.M. till 5.00 O’ clock in the morning. Almost all the people participated in Lord’s Table at around 3.30 A.M. on31st January. We have baptized around hundred and seventy people and added into the fellowship in October and in December meetings. On 31St Dec. three hundred widows were supplied with saris and all the orphan children were provided with new garments and blankets. Again on 3rd January we distributed several hundred saris and calendars to the left over widows. We were also able to provide one motor cycle and six bicycles to our pastors. We have conducted several area conventions in our pastor’s areas. We are again praying and preparing for the conferences in March, October and in December 2008.

A. We have already started area conferences in January and February  Preparing to hold General Conference in March 12th to 16th and after the General Conference we will continue area conventions until May. We are planning to build at least three new churches during these periods while finishing the existing ones that are already under construction.

B. We are praying to finish up the dormitory of the orphanage as I informed you the old one is destroyed by the flood.

C.  The most important project that we immediately need  is the water drainage, water system and over head tank.  Because we don’t have running water in our campus and we have to run water from around ½ K.M. distance. Though we have several tanks on buildings I am praying to build one over head tank to supply to the whole campus. Also the new road system has destroyed the drainage system and the old small pipe line is taking long time to supply the needed water.

D. Starting T.V Ministry from March 1st  on Saturday at 7:30-8:00 pm, to meet the people in Telugu language in A.P. about 70 million and almost 40- 50 million watch TVs of their own or from other source. These all years God has been so gracious and meeting the needs through prayer
by using the local church people,
by using the national and other friends that stay in U.S.A.
by using you. You are the main source and I can not continue it without your care. In connection to these types of projects such as buildings, water and to the TV ministry we are humbly looking unto you and waiting on God.

I pray since God knows that we are aiming for the expansion of the ministry through out A.P. and India. I certainly believe your prayers and commitment. will give a good result as Lord enables. My whole heart desire is to cover the entire state by planting a church and building churches and parsonages in the District on the first phase and in Mandal and in the cities and then in villages.  Finally we are praying to reach other states in India by training students in the Bible College. Presently we have 40 students in the Bible College. I am asking Lord not for hundreds and thousands but millions of rupees as there is need to accomplish. These goals need your prayer and encouragement. I am humbled for your donations especially in the area of orphanage, relief and in some of the projects.

The outstanding events in the ministry during this period:

A. The present principal’s husband started to attend the church with paralyzed legs and hands. As he gave heart to Lord he got changed newness in life. Once he used to be carried by some people, is now walking by himself. If you want I will send the picture and testimony of the family.

B. One of the members in our church named Deena was supposed to be cheated by someone who assured her husband to provide visa and job in U.S.A. if he Pays him with U.S $9,000.  She came to know the counsel of God by spending whole night prayer in the church and she was directed by the spirit not to pay the money in advance. She praised God for that because those who paid understood that they were cheated. Her husband recognized God’s direction and got baptized in December.
C. One of the members in our church called Mr. Devadanam, who is working as a co-operative bank secretary was scandalized for the crime for which he is not involved. The officers being Hindus abused him in the scandal as if he had stolen the bank funds about US $12,000. He lost his job almost three years and fighting on the court for his rights. Almost four years passed without job and with so much depression, praying and asking Lord to help about this matter. When he lost his all hope he got favor of the court and he got his job back with some arrears.
D. In the family: The people who are affected with cancer at the time of my wife are almost all dead and Lord has been so gracious to her since 14years of her sickness and I am able to marry five children and three are still waiting. God is doing so many miracles in the family and in the ministry. Even in my life God extended my days when all the prominent doctors in the CARE hospital said no hope. There are no words to express my thankfulness to God and for your kind assistance during the time to meet my medical expenses.

Conclusion – the challenges and the solution in the ministry:

The renaissance of Hinduism is over whelming in India in many areas. The doors are being closed for public preaching in many areas. This weak 200 people are kidnapped, 6 pastors are killed in Orissa state where the Australian missionary stains and his two children were burned alive. The only solution we have is to pray and proceed with the power of God and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Rev. Dr. Chatla Devasahayam,