India_inlineThe Fundamental Baptist Churches of Mizoram, India, held its 32nd General Assembly Oct. 9–12 in Cherhlun, near the Burma border. Fifteen churches fellowship with the Fundamental Baptist Churches of Mizoram.

Situated in the mountains, the Mizo people are considered highlanders. They build their homes on the cliffs, with the front porch attached to the land and the rest of the residence perched on stilts high above the valley below. The narrow roads twist and turn through the Mizoram mountains, switchbacks followed by more switchbacks. Being kind and courteous people, the Mizos patiently pull to the side to let oncoming traffic pass. Unlike most of India, horns are seldom heard in Mizoram.

Chris Hindal, director of GARBC International Ministries, recently visited this area of the world. The Mizoram churches had felt orphaned after their association’s leader defected and joined another group. “They needed to feel a part of the IPFBM,” Hindal says, “and to visualize the worldwide extent of the partnership.”

The assembly, attended by hundreds of delegates, elected C. H. Hmingthanga as chairman, and R. Lalsawmliana as executive secretary.