August 25, 2008

The 13rd Nargis Mission trip

On August 23 (Saturday) we, 11 Bible students and two Bible teachers, went to Tamet Chaung Village with bags of rice. There are 81 families (houses) at that village and only two house building are left, but the rest were destroyed by the Nargis Cyclone. There are only 5 Families who are Christians, the rest are nonchristians. They have been struggling for food to survive. They have not yet received any aid from any group. When we arrived there the villagers were overjoyed, we gathered them together in one area (at a house compound) and we preached the gospel first and we distributed rice bags to them. They welcome us to come back to them for gospel campaign in future also.

We are on boat

Some bags of rice

Singing before the preaching time

Preaching the gospel

The Team Photo

The Nargis Cyclone took away many people lives, the good thing is mission fields are opened here and there. We praise the Lord for that. We could do some relief works because of your financial assistance.

We plan to have another Nargis mission trip next week.

Yours in His service,
Timothy Sui Lian Mang