MuslimChurch_inline insidePraise God for the completion of a new church building in Gangalkurru village, a Muslim village in South India. Three generous donors gave a total of $12,000, and God used New Life Regular Baptist Society in East Godavari, an International Ministries partner, to erect this new worship center. Pray that many from that village will come to know Jesus.

Pastor John Sakile, who leads the New Life Regular Baptist Society, prayed and MuslimChurch_inline second floor ceilingsacrificed to birth this new ministry. Chris Hindal, director of GARBC International Ministries, visited Pastor Sakile’s church in the East Godavari district of South India in January 2011. On a Sunday afternoon Pastor Sakile took Chris to visit the village of Gangalkurru. He told Chris that although this Muslim village has only one Christian family, he believed God was leading him to establish a church in that village. That afternoon Chris spoke to a small gathering of people, mostly women and children, from the porch of that believer’s home.

Pastor Sakile explained, “The Muslims build beautiful mosques in the village, and these signify the power and influence of Islam and Allah. However, when Christians meet under a tree or in rented quarters, it conveys that Jesus is weak and disrespected.”

The first step is to acquire a piece of property. Pastor Sakile sacrificed by selling some personal property to get the money to purchase a plot of land in Gangalkurru. His MuslinChurch_inline wallchurch took offerings and began the construction by building a wall around the property. Through sacrificial giving, workers laid the foundation, poured the slab, and erected the supporting pillars.

The remaining $12,000 that is needed to complete the building became a matter of much prayer. God burdened a couple in Korea to donate the first $2,000, and then God used two brothers, one in Iowa and one in Wisconsin, to contribute $5,000 each to finish the funding.

The church building is now complete, and Pastor Sakile is focusing on reaching Muslims and others in that village. Won’t it be wonderful to meet brothers and sisters from Gangalkurru, India, rescued by the grace of God? Praise God for those who go, those who serve, and those who give. To God be the glory!