China inline weiChristian Wei is founder and president of Christian Way Missions, Inc., pastor of Christian Bible Church, and president of EUCON International School, all based in Saipan. He writes:

On November 15, our church added another man and his family members to serve the Lord in our local church, Christian Bible Church, in the deacon’s position. Brother Joseph Pecson is the man. In our church, we follow the Bible to have pastors/elders to make decisions and oversee the ministries of the church. We have checked carefully with Brother Joseph’s Biblical qualifications. We also carefully checked his wife’s qualifications and his children as well. We have separate interviews for all of them. We believe his children’s behavior is a very important part of Brother Joseph’s ministry.

The whole church prayed together and is grateful that the Lord provided another qualified man to serve in the church.

Dr. Christian Wei
Christian Way Missions