image001John Victor Sakile is a pastor in the East Godavari district of South India and leads the New Life Regular Baptist Society. He sends the following letter regarding opposition to the gospel:

Prasad [John Sakile’s son] and our gospel team visited a remote village for gospel preaching. On the first day they touched 24 families with the gospel without any problem. The next day they visited another street. Some religious groups entered that street and then complained to police that our team was training for religious transformation. They also stole three motorcycles from our team.

Immediately Prasad contacted police officials and explained to them about our work. Regarding our team’s motorcycles, the police advised me to give a written complaint. But Prasad suggested that I don’t put any complaint upon them. If we do so, it will be taken as a misunderstanding about Christianity. We are waiting and praying for the Lord’s guidance in this matter.

Please pray for our team and the recovery of their motorcycles.

John Sakile
New Life Regular Baptist Society
East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, India