Shalom inlineShalom Academy is a ministry of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship of Manipur, India, of which Chong Singsit is the U.S. representative. The academy educates students up to 10th grade. Chong Singsit and his sister, Phalkho, started the school in 1984, fulfilling the vision of their late father to teach the tribal people how to read so they could understand God’s Word and be saved. Chong sends the following ministry update.

The ministries of Shalom Academy and church-planting endeavors have been in existence for over 30 years. During those thirty plus years we have experienced many ups and downs. This new school year brought a new enthusiasm reflected in a surge in enrollment; we have about a hundred students more than last year by this time, 350 versus 250. The total enrollment for the school for this year is over 400.

There was a renewed commitment on the part of the teachers to work together for a common goal of training champions for Christ. The computer center addition was another drawing factor. I try to make a yearly visit to connect with the people, to be an encouragement, and to assess the health of the ministry.

Praise God, the buildings have stood Shalom inline 2over 30 years as a testimony to the Lord Jesus Christ. The last couple of years have been a bumpy ride with oppositions from those opposed to the truth. But truth is prevailing and the Lord is protecting His school.

Chong Singsit
Fundamental Baptist Fellowship of Manipur
Imphal, India