sumatra-inlineTeam Sumatra, a group of five professionals planting churches in Indonesia, was instrumental in gathering pastors from its association for a one-day pastors’ meeting with Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International. About 60 pastors attended, with half of them bringing their wives.

After some singing accompanied by a keyboard, Chris spoke from 1 Timothy 1 on the profile of a Christian soldier. He then facilitated a discussion of the challenges they face in ministry, as well as a Q & A session.

Power struggles seem common between church committees and pastors. Outreach is stifled in any public way. Friendship evangelism seems most effective. Chris showed a PowerPoint presentation of the distribution of Regular Baptist Press Sunday School curriculum, as well as the church-planting efforts of Regular Baptist International partners. Reports of God’s work around the world brought excitement and encouragement.

The group broke for lunch, and afterward they sumatra-inline-2conducted association business. Chris invited them to participate in the All-Partners Conference in November 2017 in the Philippines. Chris will pursue with them the translation of a Vacation Bible School program as an introduction to Regular Baptist Press.