persecution inlineIn India, a Baptist pastor and his wife were severely persecuted for their faith. Now Prasad Sakile, their friend who ministers with the New Life Regular Baptist Society in Andhra Pradesh, is helping meet their needs. Sakile writes:

I am sending this mail with a wounded heart through persecutions in India. One of my friends and classmates of Bible college faced persecution in a painful way. He was a Baptist pastor in a Uttar Pradesh state. He was actively working in door-to-door evangelism and conducting worship services in two villages. When he was conducting a baptism service, the village people caught him, beat him and his wife, removed their clothes in front of all village people, and burnt their home. They lost everything they had.

It was a very cruel and shameful thing they have faced. I was shocked when I learned of this situation. Immediately I went to his place and took the action to the state government official. In that village there is one Roman Catholic church and two charismatic churches. The church leaders didn’t respond to this happening. I think they are afraid of those people groups.

I contacted my friends and church leaders and collected some money to give to my suffering friend and his wife for their immediate needs. Now they are sheltered in the near city in their friend’s home. He explained to me that their urgent need is to construct their home with roof sheets. For that construction he needs $1,200 USD.

Please pray for this suffering family, their son, and all their needs. Also pray for persecuted pastors in India.

Prasad Sakile
New Life Regular Baptist Society
East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, India

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