Nabin inlineNabin Singha is pastor of Alipur Baptist Church, part of the Fellowship of Baptist Churches, in Assam, India. He send the following letter regarding the violent persecution of pastor in Assam.

PASTORS BEATEN UP IN BIHAR: Hindu extremists stopped an open-air preaching of pastors, accused them of forceful conversion, and beat them up in Hisua, Nawada. The pastors, O. M. Mathew, Ram Bali, and Arun Kumar, were preaching on the road when about 100 Hindu extremists came and beat them up and were taken to the police station. After the intervention of the Christian leaders of the area, the pastors were released the next day without filing any charges against them.

PASTOR DETAINED IN TELANGANA: Police detained a pastor after Hindu extremists beat him up in Muccherla Pally, Mahabubnagar. At about 3 p.m. Pastor Shalem Raj of Hebron Church was distributing gospel tracts when the extremists charged in, accused him of forceful conversion, and beat him up. The extremists thereafter took the pastor to the police station, where he was detained for more than nine hours. He was released at midnight on the condition that he reports at the police station the next morning.

Nabin Singha
Alipur Baptist Church
Assam, India