Kwinah bike inline

David Kwinah puts to use his new motorbike, purchased by donations toward an International Ministries project.

David Kwinah is pastor of Victory Baptist Church, part of the African Fundamental Baptist Mission, Inc., in Monrovia, Liberia. Herejoices in the gift of a new motorbike, thanks to donations given to the GARBC International Ministries project “Motorcycles for African Pastors.” The bike enables him to expand his ministry and be more efficient with his time.

In his thank-you letter, Pastor Kwinah also made a request for prayer. The Liberian government needed the land where Victory Baptist Church had been meeting, so the members voted to buy new land located on the Gbarnga Highway. This is a strategic location, near the new university outside Monrovia. Members have been meeting for services and prayer on the property in a lean-to used as an outdoor kitchen.

Construction begins for Victory Baptist Church in Liberia.

Construction begins for Victory Baptist Church in Liberia.

“While enjoying God’s blessings,” Pastor¬†Kwinah says, “we continue to build His house” so others can hear the gospel. The basement floor is finished, and the roof needs to be constructed next. “We highly solicit your prayer that the Lord will provide us the roofing materials, such as wood, roofing sheet, and nails, including the workmanship.”