alfred-inlineAlfred Adjaottor is pastor of Dansoman Baptist Church in Ghana, West Africa. He shares the following account of how God miraculously met a need for Bibles in Ghana for outreach and student ministries.

I had to make a quick trip last Tuesday to Togo to see the missionary whose heart is to get Bibles to every Christian in Africa. I intended to return the following day. But it wasn’t until Friday night that I returned with 650 boxes of Bibles, not only for my clubbers and outreach works, but also to share with other churches. About 100 more boxes remain to be brought later. Praise the Lord!

Getting the Bibles to Ghana was an adventure. Legally, ECOWAS countries have duty-free entry. But that is not the reality. At the Togo side, immigration men extorted money from us, and the Ghana side demanded duty. Since we did not have the amount of money demanded, we had to abandon the truck of Bibles and return to Togo with the hope of returning the following day to clear them.

After 30 minutes of driving in a taxi, a call came that we should return the truck of Bibles to Togo instead. We turned back to the border only to be told by officials that returning the truck of Bibles would also come at a great cost. Of course, it would also mean we are importing back into Togo. We left the truck at the Ghana side of the border and headed back to Togo to end another long day.

The following morning, together with my Togolese friend and the missionary, we got to the border by 7:30, and our payment (about $700) was finally accepted at 2:00. We arrived in Accra at 10:40 p.m., very exhausted but for a worthy course.

While we waited at the border, over 20 boxes of Bibles were distributed as people stampeded for their copies, and I had the opportunity of leading someone named Robert to the Lord. Driving back to Accra, we distributed more than five boxes of Bibles to customs and police officials. One man at an axle load weighing station exclaimed with such excitement when, on request, he was given a Bible: “Wow, really? This is my first Bible to own.”

Alfred Adjaottor
Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches
Accra, Ghana, West Africa