September 9, 2008

Dear Partners,
May I share with you again our 14th Nargis Mission Trip. We sent our fourth year Bachelor of Theology 10 students ( 5 girls and 5 boys and two teachers) to Achian Suh area on September 6 by a VAN. After driving five hours, they reached a river and from that place they took a boat. One of our missionaries make arrangement before they arrived. When they arrived Mihchaung Zuk village, the villagers gather togther at the public School. There were between 350- 400 people gathering. Pastor Abraham preached the good news for 20 minutes and after that rice bags were distributed. There are 144 families at that village and each Family received one bag of rice.

Preaching the good news to the people. From that village they went to Achian Village where 115 families live. The villagers gather together at the village authority’s house. Pastor Abraham and Bro. John preached the gospel to them and they distributed rice bags to all families. Within one day, they could reach more than 1000 people with the gospel. We praise the Lord for that. Those people are budhists, now they are opened for the gospel. We plan to conduct three day salvation campaigns at each village in December. Nargis Cyclone took away many people’s lives, but that softened people’s heart for the gospel. We need some more funds for mission buildings at three villages so that we can send missionaries for church planting. After that they went to Buthe Suh Upper Village. There are 114 Families and they gather together at the Public School. Pastor Abraham shared the good news. He was teaching Doctrine of Salvation by using the school black Board. While Rice Bags are being distributed, students did personal witnessing outside the house.

From there, they went to Latakyi Village again and distributed rice bags to 223 families. They could share the good news to them joyfully. Thanks a million for your financial Aid. With your financial aid, we are able to help them and share the gospel to many unreached people. The rest next.

Yours in His vineyard,
Timothy Sui Lian Mang