Liberia_inlineCraig Golden, pastor of senior ministries at First Baptist Church, Elyria, Ohio, invited Chris Hindal to share the GARBC International Ministries, of which Chris is director, with the seniors. About 80 people attended the group’s monthly lunch on Sept. 9 and showed great interest in what God is doing around the globe.

Chris and his wife, Deb, enjoyed the fellowship and interaction, responding to questions and comments. Chris presented several International Ministries projects, including the need for motorcycles for pastors and evangelists in Liberia so they can have transportation for visitation and, in some cases, get to a village where they are planting a church.

Golden followed up by challenging the seniors to adopt this project. Each motorcycle costs $1,150. The seniors’ donations totaled $1,995, almost enough for two motorcycles. Praise God for those who love the Lord and want to have a part in furthering the gospel in another part of the world.