Timothy inlineTimothy Sui Lian Mang is president of Myanmar Biblical Baptist Fellowship. He sends the following report regarding a recent soul-winning crusade.

Students and faculty members were divided into 34 teams and went out to 34 different mission points Dec. 22–31. We provided food to our mission people for two days and conducted a two-day salvation crusade at each mission point. Children came to each mission point and we taught gospel songs and salvation. We visited house to house and distributed gospel tracts. One group that stayed at the Bible college also did outreach in a train, in a bus, and at a zoo and other public places. Together we reached 4,467 people with the gospel and distributed 8,581 gospel tracts.

As a result of the activities, 310 people confessed that they accepted Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord.

Timothy Sui Lian Mang
Myanmar Biblical Baptist Fellowship
Yangon, Myanmar