7days Revival Sumatra (7dRS) Report

7dRS was done from 19th to 26th of July. Involving the Baptists of Sumatra and US which are churches, institutions and individuals, 7dRS was success. Setting in four provinces of Sumatra such as Lampung, Bengkulu, South of Sumatra and Riau, 7dRS mobilized the Baptist to reach the community. There are 1100 people been served and 250 Baptist involved in reaching activities. The 7dRS was ended up with Sumatra Mission Conference in Pekanbaru Riau. About 100 participants from 9 provinces of Sumatra joined the Conference. The Conference is a meeting for celebrating of our last year achievement and setting next following year goals.

In the conference Andreas Andoko, the chairman of the Team Sumatra reported that there has been planted 40 new churches since 2001, which are 13 of them were planted in last year. Last year the Team founded a microfinance ministry in Medan, a counseling ministry in Bandar Lampung, a primary school in Bandar Lampung and offered missions seminar in every capital city of Sumatra. These are our new goals (in brief): planting 14 churches, founding 8 kindergartens, developing our existing microfinance projects in Medan (North of Sumatra) and in Bengkulu (Bengkulu), running workshop on counseling ministry in the local church for every province in Sumatra. Please pray and support for our new goals. If you have questions or you need to involve in the Team Sumatra please fell free to contact andreas.andoko@hotmail.com.