Sumatra inlineTeam Sumatra is a group of five professionals who are planting churches in Indonesia. “They are not a mission agency or a parachurch organization, but simply a small group of Christians seeking to facilitate church planting,” says Chris Hindal, director of GARBC International Ministries, in the 2009 Baptist Bulletin article “Where in the World Is Sumatra?” “Their vision is to plant an independent fundamental Baptist church in every town in Sumatra.” The team sends the following letter.

In 2014, God was willing to use us for His work in Sumatra. Some rose up, and some others got stuck or even declined. But God allowed everything that happened to us, so that we remain who we are before the Lord of Lords.

In the beginning of 2015, our brother at The Grove Baptist Church in Brisbane, Australia, started to support planting a church in Sumatra. They support two church planters in Lampung. According to the progress of ministries in Sumatra, we request prayer for increasing of church planting in Sumatra. We also pray for more and more parties to get involved in the Sumatra ministries.

Praise and honor for Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Pastor Lucas
Sumatra Team
Bandar Lampung, Indonesia