India training inlineMore Sunday School teachers in India will learn how to teach God’s truths to children with a Sunday School Teachers’ Training Camp July 3–9. The teacher training camp is an endeavor of Prasad Sakile, who ministers with the New Life Regular Baptist Society, Andhra Pradesh, India, and a committee in his church.

Teaching is more than just imparting wisdom, he says. God’s truths need to be taught in a way that they are internalized and can be applied in everyday life.

Teachers will learn teaching skills and challenges, how to clearly explain doctrine and faith, ways to involve children in the learning process, and how to follow up in children’s spiritual lives to fulfill the Great Commission. They will discuss teachers’ behavior when teaching, psychology of children with an Indian perspective, and Christian cultural programs for children.

Sakile will also train the teachers in church management and doctrine using Dr. Paul Jackson’s book The Doctrine and Administration of the Church (Regular Baptist Press). He has been translating this book into Telegu, but donations are still needed to underwrite its printing. Read more about the project and donate.

The first teacher training camp occurred in the fall of 2014, after Sakile translated Regular Baptist Press Sunday School materials into the local language and saw the power of interactive learning. In attendance were 724 teachers from local churches. Afterwards, Gospel Literature Services sent his association $7,000 to print 1,000 more teaching packets, enabling this second training camp to occur.

Sakile is looking forward to preparing more teachers who will impact children’s lives for eternity.