China inlineChristian Way Missions, Inc., is a missions board that sends missionaries to restricted-access nations. The board sends the following ministry update:

On February 2, 2015, our 2 T training in Chiana* started with the first teacher, Dr. Tony Miller from Morningside Baptist Church of Greenville, South Carolina. This is our strategy to train more 2 T pastors and preachers inside and out so that we can establish more Biblical churches in Chiana. We are going to have three training sessions this year. In the past, we have trained 265 pastors and preachers from 2004 till 2014. This year, we would like to have more training sessions so that we can train at least 90 to 100 a year. The first session will end in the end of March. We have about 40 leaders to attend the training in this first session.

Christian Way Missions
Monroe, Virginia

*Misspelled for security